Volume 1 Issue 1


 Title:- Disaster Management System using Smart Phones

 Authors:-Kethineni Keerthi, Appisetty Pavan Kumar, Narni Siva Srinivas, Katta Venkata Sai Tharun, Jajula Bhuvaneswara Rao

 College:-QIS College of Engineering & Technology

 PAGE NO: 1-8

 DOI: 10.27896/METSZET1.1/01



 Title:- QR Code Generator    and Detector using Python

 Authors:-Mr. B.Naga Raju, N.Venkatesh, G.Dhana Lakshmi, N.Sai Chand, D.Haritha
 College:-QIS College of Engineering and Technology
 PAGE NO:-9-16    

DOI:- 10.27896/METSZET1.1/02

3 .

Title:-Driver Drowsiness Detection System By using Python

Authors:- Mrs. M. Lavanya, Narapureddy Sravani, K. Pranaya Keerthana, V. S. V. Sarat Chandhra Pranit
College:-QIS College of Engineering and Technology, Ongole-523001
 PAGE NO:-17-27
 DOI:- 10.27896/METSZET1.1/03


Title:-Efficient Clue-based Route Search on Road Networks

 Authors:- Dr Y Narasimha Rao, D Achyuth Kumar, K Madhuri, Ch Sandeep Sandilya, R Siri Chandana

 College:-QIS College of Engineering & Technology

 PAGE NO:- 28-35

 DOI:- 10.27896/METSZET1.1/04


Title:-Enhancing the Technique of Speech Emotion recognition using Feature Learning

Authors:-Mrs. T. Sunitha, K. Poojitha, S. Venkata Rakesh, G. Bhanu Swetha, B. Kasi Priyanka

College:-QIS College of Engineering & Technology

PAGE NO:- 36-43
  DOI:- 10.27896/METSZET1.1/05  


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